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What Does PLANO Performance mean?

The PLANO Performance Package is a list of the outstanding features that are not all offered by other manufacturers. ALL PLANO catering bodies are designed and engineered to be kept on the road headache free, as well as, operate with ease to our customers.

These are the Standard Options that make PLANO catering trucks last longer and cost less to operate!

  • Heavy Duty Steel Tubing Frame Primed and Painted to PREVENT RUST!
  • Insulation troughout all walls and flooring to keep cold compartments colder and heating compartments hotter!
  • Tail Lights in the cornerpost, up out of weather conditions!
  • Polished Stainless Steel Rear Bumper with Impact Strip!
  • Extruded Aluminum Door Frames (do not bend or twist)!
  • Vinyl Hinge Cover to prevent water from leaking through hinge into compartments and onto customers!
  • In-cab alarm to alert driver if a door is open during the day and a sound alarm for at night!
  • Door Seal on all upper doors preventing outside air from impacting compartment temperatures while driving!
  • DOT Running Lights!
  • Deluxe Door Handles that can only be locked with a key!

 And that is just the start of the included features!

Here are some more STANDARD interior features! 


Service Compartment


Rear Compartment


Storage & Coffee Compartment

  • (2) 48 inch Lights on Light Panel
  • Lights on Door
  • Lights on Backwall
  • 2 Rear Speakers
  • 3 Condiment Boxes
  • Built-in  Napkin & Straw Box
  • 2 Ice Tank Drains
  • 2 Ice Tank Dividers
  • Wheel Well Filler / Insert
  • 4 Door Oven
  • Slant Oven Face with Self Closing Glass Doors
  • Slide Out Oven  Shelves
  • Stops for All Oven Shelves and Soup Racks
  • 5 Condiment Boxes w/ Dividers
  • Internal Burner Venting
  • Insulated, Adjustable Cup Tubes 
  • Fuel Pump Access Panel
  • Stainless Steel Ice Tank w/ 2 drains
  • 2 Full Length Storage Shelves
  • Heavy Gauge Coffee Urn with drain and a Flat Easy-Clean Top
  • Aluminum Urn Plate to prevent heat damage
  • Heat Vent (Prevents overnight freezing of ice and beverages in service compartment) 

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Toll Free: 800-566-3030 

Local: 909-350-3030

Business Hours:

Monday - Friday from 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.  Available on Saturdays by appointment!

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